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Jan. 18th, 2037

karaoke, microphone, singing

What You Will Find Here

This journal was originally just a means of providing myself with an identity with which to comment on other people's LiveJournals. In May of 2008 I decided to start posting daily locked posts consisting of my daily writing practice of five hundred words each day on whatever subject is in my mind. This often works out to be a chronicle of my daily life, but it ranges widely in content.

The filter I to which lock the daily postings is an opt-in list based upon my Friends list. I am relatively parsimonious about whom I add to my f'list, but if you are interested in reading the daily entries, post a comment, or email me at abostick at spicejar dot org. Let me know who you are and how you think I would know you; I'll let you know whether or not I'm adding you to the filter.

Jun. 21st, 2003

karaoke, microphone, singing

Don't Expect Too Much

This here LiveJournal page is pretty much a placeholder for me, so I can participate in the LJ community. I've got a real blog, As I Please.

If you really want to keep up with me without venturing out of LiveJournal, kimberly_a has syndicated the RSS feed of my blog under the LJ username of alanbostick. Include that on your list of Friends, if that's what you want.
karaoke, microphone, singing

June 2003



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